What could I do if my car is stolen?

According to the ABS, over 47,000 people across Australia experienced motor vehicle theft between 2020-2021.1 While theft has decreased over the last ten years, it’s still an issue prevalent in society.

If someone has stolen your car, you might be stressed and wondering what to do first - but don’t fear, here’s an overview of the steps you should take.


Report the theft

Contact your local police station and report the missing vehicle. The police can assist you with filing a stolen car report and will ask for details about the make and model of your vehicle. They may also request the car’s Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), which can be found by calling your car dealership or on your Certificate of Insurance (if applicable).


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Contact your insurer

If you have a Everyday ComprehensiveThird Party Property Damage or Third Party Property, Fire & Theft policy, you should contact us to start the claims process. If the theft results in a crash or damage to your insured car, it’s important we know it’s stolen. Make sure you have the police report handy, as we may need specific information around the incident.

Find out more about making a Car Insurance claim

Consider other belongings in the car

In a period of high stress, it’s easy to forget things, but here’s a reminder to consider what might have been in your car at the time it was stolen. Personal belongings like your wallet, phone, or electronics should be accounted for. For example, if your wallet is in the car, make sure to contact your bank and cancel all your debit and credit cards to ensure they can’t be used.

Look out online

Look out on websites like Gumtree or Facebook marketplace within your location for people selling the make and model of your car. If you recognise a car that matches yours online and it was listed close to the date of theft, report it to the police.

Alternatively, you can do a PPSR search  that lets you enter your VIN number to see whether your car has been in a recent accident or shown up at any mechanics.

Car insurance for theft

Are you wondering if your current car insurance protects you against theft? or shopping around for a new policy? Whatever the reason, it’s important to consider if you have enough cover if your car is stolen. Everyday Comprehensive and Third Party Fire & Theft Insurance are two policy options that may help alleviate stress if you’re faced with this situation. Compare cover options and see which type of insurance is best for your situation.

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