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Details you will need to make a claim


To submit a claim online simply follow the below instructions:

  1. Make a new claim by logging in to your My Insurance Portal account.
  2. Tell us what happened and the expenses you're claiming.
  3. Check your email for relevant supporting documents to upload.
  4. Submit your claim and our team will be in contact.

Frequently Asked Questions

We may request evidence supporting your claim such as clinical notes or a written medical report or summary from your treating doctor or dentist overseas which clearly explains the medical condition, the diagnosis provided, medical tests requested and treatment given. We may also require a medical certificate from your local GP, specialist or dentist, any invoices and receipts and an incident report. Try to obtain as much documentation as possible at the time of the event, as it can be difficult to obtain some documents once you return to Australia. 

You will need to submit documentation confirming you notified the loss, damage or theft to the relevant authority (e.g. police, hotel, airline). 


If your claim relates to items, we may need you to supply receipts or proof of ownership so we can assess your claim. If you have added specified items to your policy, make sure you keep a receipt or documents demonstrating their value.


You should try to obtain as much documentation as possible at the time of the event, as it can be difficult to obtain some documents once you return to Australia.

If you're completing your claim online, and you don't have all the documents we requested from you, don't panic! Sometimes, despite your best efforts, it's just not possible to get them.

Here's what to do.


If you've lost (or don't have) a receipt:

  • Provide us with a Credit Card statement that shows the purchase of the item.
  • Provide a warranty for the item or any other documentation you might have which confirms your ownership of the particular item.
  • Ask the store you purchased the item from to provide you with a copy of the purchase receipt.


If the item was a gift:

  • You will need to ask the person who gave it to you for the receipt or a copy of any of the above.


If you don't have a report (eg. Medical Report, Property Irregularity Report, Repair Report)

If we've asked you to provide a Police Report, Medical Report or some other documentation to verify the facts of your claim and you don't have them:

  • Try to contact the relevant authority or person and ask them to give you a copy of the report (or some other documentation in writing).
  • In some cases, organisations or airlines simply do not provide reports in writing. If this is the case, make a note of the company/organisation you contacted, the person you called, their position and their contact details in case we need to contact them directly to clarify the facts of your claim. (You will be able to enter these details on the documents page)
  • If you're claiming for damaged goods, you will need to get a repair report if you don't already have one.
  • If there is nobody you can contact to get one, don't worry. We consider each claim on its merits, and where there are extenuating circumstances, we will take these into consideration when we review your claim.

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