About Dr. Harry Cooper

Get to know more about Dr. Harry Cooper.

Date of Birth: 20 February 1944

Occupation: Veterinary surgeon, television presenter, and public speaker

Nationality: Australian

Known for: 40 years of television, appearing in shows like Talk to the AnimalsHarry's Practice, and Better Homes and Gardens

Dr Harry

Early years

Dr. Harry Cooper was born on the 20th of February 1944 in Sydney, Australia. He grew up in Linley Point, on the banks of the Lane Cove River, and attended prep school at Malvern, Hunters Hill, and secondary school at Barker College in Hornsby.

Dr. Harry went on to study at Sydney University and graduated with an Honours degree in Veterinary Science in 1966, at 21 years.

Veterinary Career

He began his career as a Partner at Gladesville Animal Hospital, working there for twelve years. He then established the Annangrove Veterinary Clinic at his very own home for a decade. Dr. Harry later opened the Exton Veterinary clinic in Tasmania.

Throughout his career, he's taken a special interest in cage birds and performance dogs, which opened up opportunities like guest speaking at the World Veterinary Conference in Moscow in 1979. Dr. Harry is also an animal welfare advocate, public speaker, and ambassador.

Media Career

Dr. Harry has also forged a successful career in television and media, using his knowledge as a veterinarian to work on several well-known Australian shows.

He’s been appearing on the television show Better Home and Gardens for over twenty years and is a household name for many avid watchers, providing audiences with various pet care information and advice.

He also made regular appearances on Channel 7's morning show during the early 1970s, alongside presenters Bruce Webster and Patsy Lovell. Dr. Harry also spent almost a decade hosting regular segments on Burke’s Backyard across radio and television.

Other notable television shows that Dr. Harry has appeared on, include - Talk To The Animals and Harry's Practice which is still running on the Seven Network.

Current Work

Dr. Harry currently resides on a farm on the mid-north coast of NSW with his wife Suzi. Together, Dr. Harry and Suzi breed Welsh Mountain Ponies and Belgian Shepherd dogs. Dr. Harry also has a keen interest in rare breeds of chickens, maintains his farm full-time, and makes regular appearances on Better Homes and Gardens. He’s also been an ambassador for Everyday Pet Insurance since 2014 and is often asked to speak at community and other events.


Dr. Harry is in great shape and health. He notes that farm work keeps him fit and regular appearances in front of a camera keep his mind sharp.

Current work Dr Harry


Dr. Harry Cooper is happily married with two children and five grandchildren, but don't forget about his extended animal family! He’s also the owner of over 60 ponies, 80 chickens and geese, and 10 dogs, plus a family of wallabies and native birds that call his farm home.

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