Information about Newfoundland

The Newfoundlands were first bred as working dogs in the Newfoundland region of Canada. They are one of the giant breeds of dogs, as they tend to be taller and heavier than other breeds. Newfoundlands are water lovers by nature, so they should preferably have access to a paddle pool and some yard space for exercise, but they can adjust to living indoors due to their mild nature.

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Newfoundland breed information

If you’d like to get to know the breed a little more closely, here are a few key traits and facts about the Newfoundland:

How long do Newfoundlands live?

Newfoundland dogs have an average lifespan of 8 to 10 years.

How big do Newfoundlands get?

Newfoundlands can grow quite tall, with both male and female standing at up to 76cm tall in the shoulders. Healthy males weigh between 65 and 80kg, while healthy females weigh between 55 and 65kg.

Do Newfoundlands shed?

Newfoundlands do shed, and they require regular grooming.

Should I get a Newfoundland?

Should I get a Newfoundland?

Newfoundlands are dogs that tend to require a lot of love, energy, and attention. As a dog breed known for its athletic prowess and swimming abilities, Newfoundlands generally need plenty of yard space to run around in, and frequent trips to the beach or lake. Also called Newfies, they can be a great family dog, as they usually are caring protectors who love to be around people.

Newfoundland personality

Newfoundlands are known as sweet dogs that can be very affectionate and friendly. They usually socialise well with other dogs, but Newfoundland puppies should still be trained early on, as they tend to forget how big they are as adults and might accidentally injure or scare another dog or person.

While they do need plenty of exercise, Newfoundlands can also enjoy relaxing with their owners. They are a popular choice for therapy dogs, as they tend to be very calm.

Taking care of a Newfoundland


Like other heavy-coated dog breeds, Newfies shed a lot and require frequent grooming to prevent matting and health problems. Brushing them weekly is ideal, but they should not be bathed often to prevent the drying out of their skin. Just 2-3 baths a year can be more than enough.


Newfoundland dogs can easily adapt to an apartment, but they will need an open space to expend their energy. Newfie pups need at least 5 minutes of walking daily, while the adults usually need up to an hour of exercise.


Newfies need to be fed high-quality food that contains all the nutrients and vitamins that they require. Always measure the amount of food you give to your dog, and avoid feeding them table scraps, as this can make them overweight and they could be consuming unsafe foods.

Common Newfoundland health conditions

Like most dog breeds, Newfoundlands are susceptible to certain health conditions. Here are some examples:

Hip Dysplasia

Hip Dysplasia

Hip dysplasia is a hereditary skeletal condition seen in medium to large dog breeds. The condition creates a deformity in a dog’s hips as they grow, leading to reduced mobility and range of motion. Newfoundlands can have a higher chance of developing hip dysplasia because of their genes. Early signs of hip dysplasia in a dog can be limping, abnormal walking patterns, and loss of muscle in the hind legs.

Ear infections

Ear infections

Ear infections can be caused by food, seasonal or environmental allergies. Newfies can also get them from swimming in water that has too much yeast or bacteria in it. Seek advice from your vet on how to properly care for your Newfie’s ears. Be aware of the water they get into and their hygiene and lifestyle as a whole.

The cost of insuring a Newfoundland

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