Interesting facts about cats

Co-founder and Joint CEO of PetRescue, Vicki Davy, shares some interesting facts about cats. You’ll definitely want to know these before you bring your new furry family member home!

Cat fact 1: Cats hate deep bowls

Cats’ whiskers are super sensitive - so they don’t like to put their heads in deep bowls that bend their whiskers!

Make sure food bowls are small and shallow for a kitten, slightly larger and deeper for an adult cat and kept super clean. 

Cat fact 2: Cats prefer their water away from their food

That’s why you often see cats drinking from swimming pools, the dog’s bowl or the bathroom sink!

Your cat will always need access to at least one bowl of fresh clean water, but it’s best to have at least two in different spots around the house. Also cats prefer their water away from their foods so keep at least two bowls in different spots in the house.

Cat fact 3:  Most litter trays are way too small!

The litter tray should be 1.5 x the size of your cat. And if they don’t like their new loo, they might not use it!

Start with the same type of litter the rescue organisation used, so your cat knows it’s the toilet! Never use scented litter or scented litter liners - the smell is too strong for a cat’s super sensitive nose.

Cat fact 4: 99.9% of cats sleep on their owners’ beds

Actually, we made that stat up. But your cat WILL find their favourite sleeping spot, and it might not be the bed you bought!

Cats sleep a lot (16+ hours a day). The perfect spot is usually up off the floor, so pop the bed or soft blanket on the couch and watch the zzz’s happen.

Cat fact 5: Playing with your cat is therapy

Playing with your cat helps your cat bond with you. In fact, ‘play therapy’ is used to help unsocialised cats become loving pets. So you have a very legitimate excuse to go toy shopping!

Stock up on toys to play with when you aren’t there, and toys to play with together. Enrichment toys like treat balls and puzzles are great to keep your cat active and stimulated (especially indoor cats), and interactive toys like fishing poles and laser pointers are a fantastic way to get your cat moving and have fun together.

Cat fact 6: Don’t be fooled if your new cat meows like crazy at your windows and doors! Here’s what’s really going on...

Cat Image

Rather than a desperate need to get out, it’s a sign they aren’t fully settled in their new home just yet. Cats are territorial, so coming into a new environment can be stressful.

When you bring your cat home, place it in a small room or enclosed area (somewhere quiet), rather than giving access to your entire home when it first comes home. Set up the room with your cat's bed, bowls, litter tray, and a hidey hole (such as a box or tunnel). Cats need a safe place to hide, especially when they are in a new place.

Most cats prefer a hiding spot with an escape route, so the best kind of box is one with an entrance and exit. Then slowly introduce them to the rest of your home.

Cat fact 7: Cats are super clean, but fresh isn’t always best when it comes to bedding

Cats are incredibly olfactory (smell and scent driven), so bringing home one of your cat’s old towels or blankets from the rescue group can really help your cat settle more quickly.

And you don’t need to change a cat’s bedding too often (unless it’s soiled). Too many new smells can be stressful for a cat!



"My days are dedicated to finding new ways to spread the word about just how great rescue pets are"

- Vicki Davy, Co-Founder & Joint CEO of PetRescue.

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