24/7 Emergency Assistance

If you need urgent help while travelling, call us as soon as possible.

Within Australia: 1800 642 642
Outside of Australia: +61 2 9692 4479
Email: everydaytravelassist@nib.com.au

When can we help?

Call our Emergency Assistance team when you or someone on your policy:

  • Suffers a sudden illness or serious injury
  • Has an accident
  • Are hospitalised
  • Are treated as an outpatient
  • Gets stuck overseas or injured by severe weather or a natural disaster event
  • Lost your passport

Have the following information ready

So that we can help you as quickly as possible, when you call our Emergency Assistance team please have the following information at hand:

  • Your Everyday Travel Insurance policy number
  • The nature of your emergency
  • The phone number of where you are
  • The names and contact details of any hospitals or doctors you have visited

Important information

The first thing to do when your luggage doesn't turn up on the carousel is to find an airline representative or the lost baggage desk and request a lost baggage report (also known as a Property Irregularity Report).

You must get a lost luggage report if you plan to make a claim, and this document normally carries the contact details so that you can check the progress of your luggage being found. Once your luggage has been lost or delayed in excess of 10 hours, you may be able to claim for the cost of any essential articles such as clothing and toiletries.

Remember to keep your receipts for all purchases as you will need to provide these when you lodge a claim.

You can make a claim online via your My Insurance Portal account.

If your bags or luggage items are stolen, you need to report the theft to the relevant authority (e.g. police, hotel, airline). While we understand that this can be a challenge in a country where you don't speak the language and payment may even be required, it is important you try to obtain as much documentation as possible at the time of the incident. You will need this evidence in order for your claim to be considered and it can be difficult to obtain some documents once you return to Australia.

Next, you'll need to submit a claim online via My Insurance Portal for your stolen goods along with all relevant documentation. If your claim is approved, we will, after allowing for wear, tear and depreciation, choose to pay or reimburse the cost of replacing your item or pay you its depreciated value.

Claims can take up to 10 working days to process once we have all the relevant documentation. Please refer to the PDS for the full policy terms, conditions, limitations and exclusions that may apply.

Where possible, you must obtain documentation from the airline carrier or tour operator that verifies a delay or cancellation took place and includes details such as the reason/s for the delay and length of delay.

Travel must be delayed by at least six hours to meet the criteria for all Everyday Travel Insurance policies. If you know you'll be stuck at the airport for more than six hours you should contact the airline carrier or tour operator in the first instance to seek a refund, credit, or some form of financial compensation or arrangement specific to your needs.

If you do need to submit a claim for a travel delay, you must contact us to submit your claim as soon as possible.

There are any number of reasons people have to cancel their holidays, even at the last minute.

If you have to unexpectedly cancel your trip because of any one of the specific events listed in the PDS, Everyday Travel Insurance offers cover for the non-refundable costs of your trip and the travel agent cancellation fees, or the costs to rearrange your trip (provided the rearrangement cost is less than the amount you would have incurred had you cancelled your trip).

You can purchase a policy after leaving your home in Australia, however, there is a 72-hour waiting period before cover for any events begins. In addition, if you purchase while you're travelling, you must purchase cover up to the date you will return to your home in Australia - we don’t offer cover for only the middle portion of your trip.

If you have an existing Everyday Travel Insurance policy that will end whilst you are travelling, and you purchase a new policy before that period of insurance ends, so there is no gap between periods of insurance, then the waiting period will not apply to that new policy.

To submit a claim online, simply follow the below instructions:

Log into your My Insurance Portal account or create an account

  • Access your Travel Insurance policy by clicking the Travel Portal tile
  • Select "My Claims" and click on "Make a claim"
  • Tell us what happened and the expenses you're claiming
  • Check your email for relevant supporting documents to upload
  • Submit your claim and our team will be in contact