Are you at the scene of an accident or incident?


Find out more about how we'll help with your Car Insurance claim below. Or if you're ready to tell us now, start your Car Insurance claim.


If you are currently at the scene of an accident or incident, follow this guide to help keep yourself safe. You'll also be prepared if you need to make a Car Insurance claim:

1. Call 000 immediately, only if:

  • Anybody is injured or in danger
  • Someone involved in the accident has fled the scene
  • If there are any hazards present, such as a petrol spill


2. Collect information at the scene, including:

  • Contact details, registration and licence number of any other drivers involved
  • Contact details of any witnesses
  • Photos of the car damage and surroundings
  • A police event number, if they attended


3. Call us for a tow

If your car cannot be driven away, we'll assist with towing your car to the nearest safe or secure place or our appointed repairer. If you're covered for it, we can also arrange a hire car for you.

Call our 24/7 claims line now for emergency assistance on 1300 10 1234.


Tell us about your claim

Report it as soon as you can to our Claims Team, in one of these easy ways:


Make your claim online 24/7

Login to My Insurance Portal to start your online claim

Call our claims team

To lodge a new claim call our 24/7 Claims Team on 1300 10 1234

To check on your existing claim call our Claims Team on 1300 10 1234, Monday to Friday, 8am-5pm (AEST/AEDT)

What you need to make a claim

Here’s a quick checklist of information we will ask you for to get your claim underway:

  • Your personal details and policy number
  • Date, time and location of the incident and details of what occurred
  • Personal details and licence number of anyone else driving your car, during the incident
  • Full name, address, contact and licence number details of any other drivers involved
  • Full name, address and contact details of any witnesses
  • Make, model and registration numbers of any cars involved
  • Photos of the incident
  • A police event number or report, if applicable

Don’t worry if you can’t provide everything when you first tell us what happened, after your bingle. Just send us any remaining details or documents later.

Car Insurance claim process

It’s important to get you moving again and your life back to normal, quickly after an incident. That’s why our Claims Team is here for you to start a claim 24/7.

Every claim is different, just like you. These steps make it easier to submit a Car Insurance claim after an accident or loss, plus understand what to expect from our Car Insurance claim process.


We lodge your claim

Your policy does not offer a choice of repairer option. If your car needs a tow, we can assist with organising that for you. We will appoint an authorised repairer near your home or work. We guarantee all approved materials and work done by our extensive network of nominated automotive experts.

If your car is driveable, we will advise you to book a convenient time to get a quote to fix your car. If there is no network repairer close to you, we will consider a repairer you choose and if approved, we’ll make the arrangements to get your car repaired.

An excess may be payable depending on your circumstances. We’ll tell you the amount you will need to pay if it applies, plus how you can pay it directly to the repairer.

Lastly, if you need a hire car to get around while yours is out of action and you’re covered for it, just let us know.

We assess your claim

We review your damages, policy and all quotes received from the repairer. We will let you know if we can approve your claim or not, and why. We'll then work with you to either:

We will fix your vehicle to its equivalent condition, just before the incident. If the repairs were completed by our approved repairer, we guarantee all materials and workmanship, for as long as you own the car. If you have any concerns, we can also do a final inspection on your vehicle.

This option only applies to Comprehensive Insurance holders. In order to be eligible, you must have purchased your car new, and we need to have determined it to be a total loss within the first 24 months after you registered it.

We will choose to replace it with either the same or a similar make, model or series where possible, including its accessories stated on your Certificate of Insurance.

If your vehicle is a complete write-off, we will pay you up to its agreed value or market value, less any other applicable limits or deductions. For example, the payout may be reduced by any remaining premium payments or excesses you owe.

Read our Car Insurance Product Disclosure Statement for any additional deductions that may apply.

We complete your claim

Once your claim is finalised, we’ll take care of any settlements to other people involved. 

We will contact any other drivers or their insurance providers, so you don’t have to. If the other parties or their representatives contact you, please let us know.

That’s it. Then you’re back on the road and can focus on enjoying the things you love again!


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