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06 Mar 2015

Need a Best Friend? 7 Reasons to Adopt a Dog Today!

Considering a new family member, the one with the waggly tail I mean? Before you head down to the local pet store, have a think about adopting instead. And in case you are still sitting on the fence about it, here are 7 advantages to adopting a dog over buying one and plenty of reasons why you should be contacting PetRescue Australia or your local shelter.

1. Save money

The fact is if you go to the pet store, it’s going to cost a lot more than it would to adopt. Not only is the price of a pet shop puppy likely to be significantly higher, additional costs for de-sexing, vaccinations and micro-chipping are also likely to be more than for an adopted pet.

2. You can’t buy a dog’s love – but you can adopt it!

Adopting a dog from a shelter means providing a dog with a second chance, and doesn’t everyone deserve a second chance? You can provide a dog with a new lease on life and a new family to love and love them.

Most respected shelters have the staff and the knowledge to be able to match you to the dog best suited for you This helps to make sure that you and your new pet will be great friends for life.. This will help you form a bond with your new pet and guarantee you’ll have a friend for life.

3. Ethically cared for dogs

Some puppies are bred in ‘puppy mills’, in conditions where the primary motivator is money and dogs are often ‘over bred’. Buying a puppy from ‘breeders’ associated with these mills only supports these practices.. Another reason to adopt is that you get a dog or puppy from an organisation that does not support these unethical practices. Your new pet will be checked over and provided to you de-sexed and vaccinated.

Woolworths and Pet Rescue

Protect your Pet. Help another in need.

We've partnered with PetRescue to support positive outcomes for Australia’s rescue pets in foster care, shelters, pounds and forever homes. Every new policy will help build a safer future for rescue pets in Australia.


4. House trained and obedient

Most dogs in a shelter or those being re-homed have come from a home environment and so come with some level of house training and some basic obedience training.

5. You get a dog with character

Contrary to popular belief, not all dogs in shelters have come from abusive and neglectful homes. Many dogs are also there due to unexpected changes in a family’s or person’s life or circumstances; for example their owners may have down-sized from the family home to an apartment and no longer have room for a large dog, they were a Christmas gift that cannot be cared for (a sad but constant reason for puppies and dogs being in shelters) or because their owners are moving interstate or even overseas. These dogs have lots of character and are ready to give unconditionally – a lifetime of love and devotion!

6. There are more to choose from

Tens of thousands of dogs are placed in shelters every year. So it goes without saying that choosing to adopt is going to expose you to a lot more puppies and older dogs than even the biggest of pet stores.

Pet adoption agencies and shelters usually have a large range of dogs of all ages and breeds for you to choose from. Most pet stores will only stock or supply 2 to 4 breeds of dogs, and even then you might only have 1 boy and 1 girl to choose from. Shelters provide a range of breeds in all different shapes and sizes.

Dogs, like people have a range of personalities as well. A pet store not only provides you with less ‘personalities’, it also won’t provide an environment for the dog’s true personality to shine through.

7. How can you say no to this face?

Not sure what breed would be best suited to your home and lifestyle? Read our dog breeds guide and find a breed that is the perfect fit for you.

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