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18 Dec 2017

6 ways to save petrol

Petrol can be one of the biggest living expenses families face every week, and with petrol prices typically rising in the holiday season, we have some tips to keep your budget in check.

According to the Australian Institute of Petroleum, the average cost of petrol increased by 17 cents nationally between the 2nd July to 19th November, but even with prices on the rise, there are ways you can save your hard earned dollars when filling up.

Here are a few tips on how you can save on petrol this holiday season:

1. Plan where you fill up

Prices can vary from petrol station to petrol station. Do your research and find out which stations near you have the most competitive prices.

2. Check the best prices in your area

Websites like MotorMouth are an easy way to check where the best price in your is.

3. Leave your car at home when you can

Walking and public transport can  be an easy way to avoid the stress of forking out your cash. There may be health benefits for you too as you increase your daily step count.

4 . Make sure your tyre pressure is correct

A couple of PSI (pounds per square inch) can amount to a 5% loss in fuel.

5. Avoid using the air conditioning

Avoid using the air conditioning or turn it down a degree or two, it can increase fuel consumption by 8-10%.

6. Make fewer trips

Save fuel by planning ahead. If you have  multiple things you need to do like grocery shopping or taxiing the kids around to sporting events, try to organise them at the same time.

So whether you’re packing the kids into the car for your annual family road trip or staying local for a relaxing staycation, why not save some dollars and maybe even treat yourself to something special with your extra cash.

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