What can you claim on home insurance?

      Home insurance can be a safety net that protects your property and valuable assets in the face of uncertain events. Home insurance comes in a variety of forms, including buildings and contents.

      Each policy comes with different benefits, limits, and exclusions. Read our guide to learn more about what is covered by different types of home insurance.

      What events does home insurance cover?

      Here are some insured events that Everyday Insurance offers cover for:

      • Accidental damage
      • Fire and explosion
      • Malicious damage
      • Theft
      • Storm and rainwater
      • Accidental glass breakage
      • Lightning
      • Earthquake, tsunami, and volcanic eruption
      • Impact
      • Escape of liquid

      These insured events are indicative only. For more information read the Home Insurance PDS.

      What does Building Insurance cover compared to Contents Insurance?

      Home insurance (or building insurance) covers your property, which is defined as a fully enclosed structure with walls and a roof that’s used for residential purposes (excluding strata properties). While protecting the exterior of your home, it also includes cover for fixtures and fittings that may be permanently attached, like dishwashers and alarm systems.

      Here are some examples of what Everyday Building Insurance may cover:

      • Your property and its surroundings (windows, garage, and fences)
      • Gas and electrical appliances
      • Light fittings
      • Emergency accommodation
      • Damage to trees, plants, and shrubs (up to a fixed limit)^

      Areas of the house are covered by Home Insurance

      Buildings insurance not only covers the structure of your house but the fixtures, fittings, and some attached outdoor areas. Here are some examples of what’s covered.

      Areas Fixtures Fittings

      Rooms inside your home

      Alarm systems

      Light fittings







      For a full list of things Everyday Building Insurance covers, read the Home Insurance Product Disclosure Statement.

      Importance of insuring homes for the correct value

      Choosing the right level of cover for your home can be important to avoid being underinsured. 

      Everyday Home Insurance offers sum insured cover, which allows policyholders to insure their homes up to a set amount. Sum insured is the total amount we’ll pay if you claim for loss or damage against your building. If you underestimate your sum insured, you may have to pay the gap if the cost to rebuild your home.

      Calculate the cost to rebuild your home

      What is accidental damage cover in Home Insurance?

      Taking out Home Insurance that includes the accidental damage benefit may help mitigate the financial costs of mishaps that are out of your control.

      Everyday Home Insurance defines accidental damage as damage that’s caused unintentionally to your property or contents. The accidental damage benefit is included across Everyday Comprehensive Building & Contents Insurance policies.

      Accidental damage in Building Insurance

      With an Everyday Insurance Comprehensive Building policy, your property and its fixtures and fittings are covered for accidental damage.


      An example of accidental damage in Building Insurance might be if you're moving furniture and accidentally make a hole in the wall.

      Accidental damage in Building Insurance

      Accidental damage in Contents Insurance

      With an Everyday Insurance Comprehensive Contents Insurance policy, the things inside your home, like furniture, are covered for accidental damage.


      An example of accidental damage in Contents Insurance might be if you accidentally spilled wine on your carpet and it left a permanent stain.

      Accidental damage in Contents Insurance

      What can be optionally included in Home Insurance as extras or premium?

      Everyday Home Insurance defines optional benefits as benefits that can be added to your home insurance policy for an additional premium.

      Here are some optional benefits that can be included in your policy. Depending on the type of policy you have, different limits may apply.

      Electrical Motor Burnout

      Electrical motor burnout is the fusion or burning out of the actual wiring of a domestic motor by an electrical current.

      When your building is insured it may help cover the cost of repairing or replacing any motor that forms part of your building, like your dishwasher.

      When your contents are insured it may help cover the cost of repairing or replacing any motor that forms part of your contents - like your refrigerator. We may also pay for losses from food spoilage.

      Portable valuables

      This additional benefit is suitable for people who want to protect their contents from loss or damage when they take it outside of their home. It can be added to an Everyday Contents Insurance policy for an extra cost.

      Some items you can cover with the additional portable contents benefit are:

      • Clothing
      • Jewellery (some limits apply)
      • Watches
      • Glasses (prescription, contact lenses and sunglasses)
      • Sporting equipment and their accessories
      • Portable musical instruments
      • Cameras and video equipment


      Some personal belongings you choose to insure may have fixed limits. For a full list of what’s covered under the portable contents additional benefit, read the Home Insurance Product Disclosure Statement.

      Does home insurance cover valuables I take with me away from my home?

      Yes, Everyday Contents Insurance has an optional benefit that covers some valuables you take outside of your home. To access this additional cover, you must pay an extra cost.

      There are two ways to cover your portable contents with an Everyday Contents Insurance policy:

      Group cover: if you want cover for a few different things, you can choose to insure a group of your belongings for a fixed limit of up to $1,000 per item.

      Itemised cover: if you want to cover a specific item that might be worth more than $1,000, you can choose itemised cover. Itemised cover gives you cover for the actual value of the item and is listed on your Certificate of Insurance.

      For a full list of things Everyday Home Insurance covers, read the Home Insurance Product Disclosure Statement.

      Does Home Insurance cover unoccupied homes?


      An unoccupied home means neither you nor anybody else (with your consent) lives or sleeps in your property. An Everyday Building Insurance policy only covers an unoccupied home from loss or damage for a maximum of 60 days.

      While your home is unoccupied, it must be maintained by:

      • Keeping the lawn and garden tidy
      • Stopping regular mail and newspaper deliveries
      • Arranging for someone to check inside and outside your home once a week

      If your home is going to be unoccupied for more than 60 days, you must let us know. We’ll need to determine whether we can keep covering your home and/or contents, on what terms, and for what premium.

      How to get home insurance

      If you’re looking to protect your property or contents, Everyday Home & Contents Insurance from Woolworths offers a range of flexible home insurance options to suit your needs.


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      ^ This is an additional benefit. Sub-limits apply. Please read the Home Insurance Product Disclosure Statement for full terms, conditions, limits (including sub-limits) and exclusions that apply.


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