Why should I consider getting home insurance?

        Whether you’re a homeowner, renter, or landlord - your assets and belongings are important to you. You might have just bought your first home or moved out of mum and dad’s place into a sharehouse - all of these experiences are pivotal - but what if something unexpected happens? Home insurance can be a safety net that protects your home and contents in the event of damage and loss.

        What is home insurance?

        Home insurance is a type of property insurance that protects your building and contents against damage or loss caused by a covered event listed in your policy. A covered event might include - fire, storm, natural disasters (earthquakes and tsunamis), malicious damage, and more.

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        What does home insurance cover?

        Everyday Home Insurance comes in three forms of cover:

        • Building insurance may cover your building, fixtures, and secured outbuildings (such as your garage).
        • Contents insurance may cover your belongings inside your home like furniture.
        • Building and contents insurance may cover both your building and contents for loss or damage resulting from covered events like, fire, storms, theft, or flood.

        Once you know what kind of home insurance is right for you, you can start to think about the level of cover your home and contents may need.

        Why is home insurance important?

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        We spend a lot of our lives at home, and they often hold the things we love most. For many people, their property is the most valuable thing they own, and without insurance, there might be significant financial loss if something unexpected happens to it.

        Depending on where you live, your house also may be prone to more risks than others. For example, Australia’s bushfire season has the potential to affect thousands of properties every year. While a lot of people avoid destruction to their homes, others sadly don’t. 

        While it’s not a legal requirement to have home insurance, you should consider specific risks your property might face. For example, your property is located in a place that’s vulnerable to bushfires or unpredictable weather patterns.

        When should I get home insurance?

        There’s never a right or wrong time to get home insurance, it’s different for every person and their circumstance. Some examples of when you might want to consider getting home insurance include:

        • While buying your first home
        • Moving into a sharehouse where you own a lot of the furniture everyone uses
        • Moving to a new home
        • You’re a landlord and a tenant is renting your investment property


        Even if you’ve lived in your home for a while and are now considering home insurance, it’s important to shop around to see what type of policy works best for your needs.

        How do I insure my home and/or contents?

        Everyday Home Insurance offers a range of flexible cover options to protect your home, contents, or both.

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        Up to 10% discount applies when you combine Building and Contents policies. Applies for the life of the combined policy. Minimum premiums may apply that will reduce the savings discount.