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04 Nov 2019

Increase your odometer limit online for Drive Less Pay Less car insurance 

An easy way to avoid paying additional excesses with your Drive Less Pay Less insurance is to keep within the odometer reading you've nominated on your policy. 

If you've driven more than you planned during the year, don’t worry - as long as you let us know, you won’t be impacted if you need to make a claim. You can update your End Odometer Reading within My Insurance Portal. It's important to note that your premium may change when you make adjustments to your policy.

Why it's important to keep your 'end odometer reading' up to date 

When you purchase Everyday Drive Less Pay Less cover, you will be required to nominate your 'start odometer reading'. The start odometer reading is how many kilometres your car has travelled at the time your policy starts.

As part of your Drive Less Pay Less policy, you'll also nominate how many kilometres you'll drive throughout the year. This is the maximum kilometres you think your vehicle will travel, and becomes the 'end odometer reading' for your policy.

When it's time to claim, if you've driven more than your maximum nominated kilometres, you're still covered but an additional Outside Odometer Excess will apply.

You can check the 'end' and 'start' odometer readings on your Certificate of Insurance. 

drive less pay less car insurance

How to update your odometer limit in My Insurance Portal

  • Register or login to My Insurance Portal with your account details.
  • See your car insurance policy information, including your current End Odometer Reading in the My Policies section
  • Click on View Policy Details, then Edit Policy Details.
  • Select your new End Odometer Reading to top up your kilometres, in the Increase End Odometer section.

Boost your End Odometer Reading by up to 15,000 kilometres online

You can top up your overall kilometre limit to a maximum of 15,000kms online in My Insurance Portal. Simply login to My Insurance Portal and select how many additional kilometres you want to add to your policy. This amount will be added to your end odometer reading.

If you need more than 15,000 kilometres, just contact us and we can assist you.

There may be an additional cost involved with changing your end odometer reading mid-policy, so it's important to think carefully about how many kilometres you'll drive when you apply.

See your new policy premium in minutes

Once you've selected the number of kilometres you'd like to add to your Drive Less Pay Less policy, you'll be shown your new premium. If you're happy with the new premium, continue and accept, then your Everyday Drive Less Pay Less Car Insurance policy will be updated with a new End Odometer Reading.

Your Certificate of Insurance will update automatically

Once we accept your payment, your Certificate of Insurance will show your new End Odometer Reading and adjusted premium. You can view your updated certificate or check your policy information in the Account details section of My Insurance Portal. We'll also send you an updated Certificate of Insurance.

Why pick Everyday Drive Less Pay Less?

Drive Less Pay Less

Save up to $282*

Eligible drivers could save up to $282 with Drive Less Pay Less*

Quality cover you can count on

Quality cover you can count on

Backed by Hollard, one of Australia’s largest insurers

Award-winning Insurancer

Comprehensive cover for less

You’ll get complete protection but a lower premium

Emergency claims assistance

24/7 emergency claims assistance

Our expert claims team is available around the clock for emergency car claims

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Savings between $0 to $282 derived from premium comparisons between Everyday Comprehensive car cover option and Drive Less Pay Less option. Calculations based on profiles of existing Everyday Car insurance customers who advised they drive under 15,000 km annually. Current as at 30 June 2022. Actual savings are determined by your individual circumstances, including the kilometres selected, excess chosen and other risk factors. Minimum premiums may reduce savings. Kilometres can be increased during the policy period, an additional premium is payable. In event of accident and end odometer reading exceeded, additional excess applied.

Benefits are subject to the terms and conditions including the limits and exclusions of the insurance policy. Any advice provided is general only and may not be right for you. Before you purchase this product you should carefully read the Car Insurance Product Disclosure Statement and consider the Target Market Determination to decide if it is right for you.