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18 Jun 2020

Training tips to manage separation for your pet

As you have most likely spent more time with your pets than usual over the past few months, they are now used to you being home and around them all day. It's important to know that some pets can experience separation anxiety as a result of this. We've come together with our partner at PetRescue to put together some training tips to help you and your pets with easing back into your work routine.

If you start to incorporate a little training and change in your routine, this will help to prepare your pets from them being away from you and get them used to hanging out by themselves again.

Here are some tips that our partner PetRescue has put together to help your pets while you're away during work hours:

Leave your pet alone when you're at home

Let your furry friend enjoy some alone time and get confident in doing so. While you are home, try spending time in another room so they aren’t always by your side. You can also try making alone time fun by doing at home scavenger hunts with their favourite toys.

Head out occasionally

Make sure you get some alone time too, go out of the house for short periods of time, without making a big deal about leaving or coming home. This way, your pet will remember that you leaving the house is not an issue and you will be back soon!

Do outdoor activities before work

Where possible, take your pet on their daily exercise before you go to work in the morning. That way, they will have used up some energy so they can rest during the day while you’re at work. This will also help with them waiting on you to come home to take them on their outdoor activities.

Get creative with their food

Set up a scavenger type hunt with treats throughout the house or yard, or in Kong-like toys so they can spend the day looking for them while you’re at work. This not only helps to keep your pet entertained while you’re at work but it also helps with your pet's mental stimulation.

Create a safe space for them

This can simply be a crate or sectioned off area within your house where your pet can go when they need to feel safe or want to spend some time alone.

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