Information about Border Collies

Border Collies are a mixed breed between Roman herding dogs and Viking Spitz herding dogs. The Border Collie originates from the Anglo-Scottish border, where it was born and developed. Originally bred to be a sheep dog, they are also very playful in nature.

Interested in learning about this breed? Here’s some information about Border Collies and whether they’re a match for you.

Border Collie breed information

If you’d like to get to know the breed a little more closely, here are a few key traits and facts about the Border Collie:

How long do Border Collies live?

Border Collies usually live for up to 12 to 15 years.

How big do Border Collies get?

Border Colliess are medium dogs at maturity. Border Collies males stand between 48 and 55cm tall and usually weigh around 18 and 25kgs. Females stand at around 45 and 51cm tall and usually weigh about 14 and 20kg

Do Border Collies shed?

The Border Collie coat comes in black, fawn, and gold, and just as with most dog breeds, their final coat colour is not revealed until the puppy coat has shed. Border Collies frequently shed large amounts of fur, so occasional brushing is recommended.

Should I get a Border Collie?

Should I get a Border Collie?

A Border Collie’s instinct is to graze or explore rather than simply enjoying being with its family. Socialising Border Collies early with positive exposure to different people and pets is important to help them grow into good family dogs and to help them befriend other pets.

The Border Collie is usually a dog for active owners. Border Collies tend to excel at agility, obedience, rally, and chase competitions, as well as dog sports like flyball.

Generally, Border Collies do not like being alone. Going on walks and letting them roam around may not be enough for this dog breed, who would prefer having someone to run around with them. 

Border Collie personality

Border Collies are usually loyal and loving family dogs and tend to work very intelligently and instinctively. They are vibrant, energetic, kind, and friendly dogs. Their high intellect also means that they need a lot of stimuli.

A Border Collie's intellect and manageable nature means they are usually easy to train. As they were originally bred as herd dogs, they generally need an owner that can put the time and energy into their training.

Taking care of a Border Collie


The Border Collie’s medium structure and a short and dense undercoat provides excellent insulation and weather protection. It also tends not to be matted or entangled. An occasional brush to get rid of old hair is recommended.


The energetic and athletic Border Collie generally requires daily exercise as well as walking around the blocks.


A Border Collie’s diet should be tailored to the age of the dog (puppy, adult, or elderly). It would need to be tailored as needs change with age under the supervision of your veterinarian. Be aware of your Border Collie's calorie consumption and weight, as some dogs are prone to obesity.

Common Border Collie health conditions

Like most dog breeds, Border Collies are susceptible to certain health conditions. Here are some examples:

Hip and elbow dysplasia

Hip and elbow dysplasia

Hip dysplasia is a hereditary skeletal condition seen in medium to large dog breeds. The condition creates a deformity in a dog’s hips as they grow, leading to reduced mobility and range of motion. Early signs of hip dysplasia in a dog can be limping, abnormal walking patterns, and loss of muscle in the hind legs. Elbow dysplasia is less common, but it can also occur in Border Collies.

Collie Eye Anomaly (CEA)

Collie Eye Anomaly (CEA)

Collie Eye Anomaly (or CEA) usually occurs in puppies and dogs up to about 2 years of age. It's a hereditary disease that affects the choroid, which is the tissue that supplies oxygen to the retina of the eye. CEA can cause choroidal thinning. In severe causes, can potentially cause blindness and intraocular bleeding, and surgery may be needed to relieve some of the symptoms. Make sure to discuss treatment options with your veterinarian.

The cost of insuring a Border Collie

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